Alongside luxury developments and public displays of wealth, over half of Cairo’s urban population, a megacity of over 17 million, live in unplanned and self-built communities. Massive population shifts and a lack of governmental oversight fostered a culture of collaborative urbanism, incremental architecture and entrepreneurialism. Due to the explosive growth created in the power vacuum after the 2011 revolution, the government has formally recognized this informality and services have started being provided. How will these highly nuanced building practices be brought under the remit of planning policy and urban governance? Will they change in the process to produce new forms of urbanism, or will they be accepted and become the new official standard?

The Good Cause at DAC Copenhagen — Until 9 June
Jeroen Beekmans

This Friday The Good Cause will close at Studio-X Istanbul. On the same day the exhibition will be opened on the other side of Europe, at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen.

Cedric Price: The Dynamics of Time
Jeroen Beekmans
Volume #42: Art & Science of Real Estate

Bureau Europa presents the third iteration of an exhibition of the work of architect Cedric Price and the first public appearance of some of his selected projects in the Netherlands. As a satellite component tot he exhibition, a special Cedric Price insert magazine is created in collaboration with Volume. Volume readers will find the insert in the back of Volume #42.