Volume 10 Years

Volume 10 Years

In the daily hassle of producing new issues we could almost forget: it’s ten years now that Volume has been around.

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Started as a quest for a renewed relevance for architecture, going beyond the office, the school and the magazine, Volume has developed more and more into an explorer of unknown territories or themes and topics that are in need of a fresh perspective, always with a keen eye for architecture and always with the ambition to connect insight with action. Or so we think. But what do our readers and contributors think? What was for them the most relevant or inspiring contribution of Volume in the past ten years? Were they flabbergasted by Alexander d’Hooghe’s prediction of the credit crisis in Volume #9? Were they inspired by the unsolicited architecture practice Ole Bouman and students proposed in Volume #14? Were they challenged by C-Lab’s analysis of US counterculture in Volume #24, or Beatriz Colomina’s revealing interpretation of Playboy as phenomenon and Hefner as agent in Volume #33? Did AMO’s research posters in the first issues make them think differently? Was it this one photo, this one line that somehow stuck?

Volume has invited people from its network to select a favorite article/contribution and indicate in a few lines why. The coming weeks and months we’ll republish their choices with their motivation. If you feel tempted to highlight a personal favorite with a brief motivation, please send us an email and we may be able to include it in this series: 10years@archis.org. We’re thrilled to see your pick of the week.

The Trouble with Provenance