Volume #8: Ubiquitous China

September 2006
See how this issue of Volume can help you craft the agenda for Ubiquitous China, Covering: the Confucian-Taoist nexus, Utopianism, the new empire, Google.cn, heritage & preservation, CCTV, publishing industry, education, urban practice, architectural design, architects as businessmen, criticism, chaos as control, and much more (not necessarily in hierarchical order). In China everywhere...

Volume #8 includes contributions by photographers AP Photo, James Akena, ASW, Atelier FCJZ, Ole Bouman, Jim Bourg, Russell Boyce, Lilet Breddels, Jacques Brinon, Camera, Natasha Chandani , Sunny Chen, Andy Clark, Elizabeth Dalziel, Claudia Daut, Nir Elias, Nick Hannes, Gerald Holubowicz, Hutchings, Jiang Jun, JC, Kin Cheung, Antonin Kratochvil, Louafi Larbi, Francois Lenoir, Luo Zhewen, Anwar Mirza, Kiyoshi Ota, Chris Pacetti, Andre Penner, Radu Sigheti, Shannon Stapleton, John Voos, Wan Jun, Ted S. Warren, Herman Wouters, Xiaming, Xinhua, Gao Feng, Jin Zhan, Yuri Zolotaryov


160 pages
Binding: Soft-Cover
ISBN 074 47 00787 60 008
Price: € 17,50
Release: June 2006
Editor-in-chief: Ole Bouman
Contributing editors: Rem Koolhaas, Mark Wigley
Feature editor: Jeffrey Inaba
Design: Irma Boom and Natasha Chandani
Publisher: Stichting Archis