Volume #17: Content Management

November 2008
At the close of this era of expansion and surplus Volume speculates on one of the period’s emblematic inventions: Content Management, or the collecting, organizing and sharing of digital information. Our retrospective appraisal of recent developments in the managing of information offers inside into the ability of Content Management to serve the current realities of digital abundance and material shortage, and to protect both vast and extremely limited quantities.

Volume #17 includes contributions by Iñaki Ábalos, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Chris Anderson, AOC, Shumon Basar, Rene Daalder, Philippe de Montebello, Julien De Smedt, Oliver Domeisen, Cary Fowler, Ken Goldberg, Michael Govan, Joseph Grima, Jacques Herzog, Arianna Huffington, Greg Lynn, Rachel Maddow, Ari Marcopoulos, Lars Müller, Marc Simmons, VOGT Landschaftarchitekten, Alejandro Zaera Polo, Jean Choi, Forrest Jessee, Mariela Alvarez, Luke Daenen, Monica Datta, Alfonso García del Rey


160 pages
Binding: Soft-Cover
ISBN 978 90 77966 17 4
Price: € 19,50
Release: October 2008
Editor-in-chief: Arjen Oosterman
Contributing editors: Ole Bouman, Rem Koolhaas, Mark Wigley
Feature editor: Jeffrey Inaba
Editorial Consultants: Carlos Betancourth, Thomas Daniell, Bart Goldhoorn, Markus Miessen, Kai Vöckler
Design: Irma Boom and Sonja Haller
Publisher: Stichting Archis