Volume #28: Internet of Things

July 2011
When things start talking back, you’ve become part of an Internet of Things. Auto-sensoring, basic intelligence, interaction, we’re increasingly part of a world were things and living souls are equally connected. The fridge is a node just as you are. Volume #28 dives into these new dimensions of reality, into the consequences for design and for our understanding of our own position in the world.

Coders and architects are different beings and speak different languages, this issue seems to conclude. Since merging virtual and physical requires knowledge about both worlds, this reality should be overcome. So this Volume is not just about framing the issue, but also about indicating a practice in the making: we call it correlation designing.


Contributors to this Volume issue include Stephen Gage, Shintaro Miyazaki, Nina Larsen, Edwin Gardner, Marcell Mars, Deborah Hauptman, Ken Sakamura, Lara Schrijver, Mark Shepard, Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Ben Schouten, Golfstromen, Ole Bouman, Philip Beesley, Bart-Jan Polman, Carola Moujan, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Nortd Labs, Tuur van Balen, Ruairi Glynn, Justin Fowler, Eduard Sancho Pou, Mark Dek, Nina Larsen, Christiaan Fruneaux, Vincent Schipper, Timothy Moore, Amelia Borg, Lorna Goulden, Usman Haque, Ed Borden, Mette Thomsen, Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen, Ben Cerveny, James Burke, Juha van ‘t Zelfde. Also featuring ‘Tracing Concepts’ editors Edwin Gardner and Marcell Mars, plus our second Trust Insert with Premsela Foundation: ‘Trust Design 2: The Internet of Things’ editor Scott Burnham, design Roosje Klap.


Volume #28: Internet of Things
176 pages, with an insert on Trust, Design#2 and Tracing Concepts
Binding: Soft cover
ISBN: 9 789 077 966 80
Price: € 19.50
Release: 15 July, 2011
Editor-in-Chief: Arjen Oosterman

Contributing editors: Ole Bouman, Rem Koolhaas, Mark Wigley
Design: Irma Boom and Sonja Haller
Publisher: Stichting Archis