Volume #15: Destination Library

April 2008
Once there was life without books. It's hard to imagine what that must have been like: an age of stories and knowledge of the world which stretched no farther than a day's walk. The introduction of the written source constituted nothing less than the creation of a time and space capsule. The story, the idea, insight, knowledge were suddenly free of their messenger and were all able to bridge distances, able to surface, vanish and reappear.

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Volume #15 includes contributions by Sam Basu, Shahin Afrassiabi, Maziar Afrassiabi and John Colenbrander, Mark Burry, Gerald Beasley, Rob Bruijnzeels, Luis Camnitzer, Dan Clancy, Michael Drobnik, Charles Garcia,Verne Harris, Charles van den Heuvel, Candida Höfer, Rob Johannesma, Geert Lovink, Hilton Judin, Geoff Manaugh, Markus Miessen, Noëleen Murray, Lori Nix, Monica Nouwens, Arno van Roosmalen, Akira Suzuki, Nicola Twilley , Dirk-Jan Visser, Amanda Young


160 pages
Binding: Soft-Cover
ISBN 978 90 77966 15 0
Price: € 19,50
Release: April 2008
Editor-in-chief: Arjen Oosterman
Contributing editors: Ole Bouman, Rem Koolhaas, Mark Wigley
Feature editor: Jeffrey Inaba
Editorial Consultants: Carlos Betancourth, Thomas Daniell, Markus Miessen, Kai Vöckler
Design: Irma Boom and Sonja Haller
Publisher: Stichting Archis