Archis Publishers

Volume #57: Bye Default

October, 2020

“We need to reimagine…”, “we need to reimagine...”. How many times have we heard these 4 words in the last 1000 zoom sessions? From coerced co-habitation to broken logistic flows, this locked-down world is neck-deep in spatial issues. Then why are architects, masters of spatial intelligence, left screaming their solutions underwater?

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Volume #56: Playbor

December, 2019

There once was a time when work and leisure were separate realms: you worked or you played. These days, playing is work and work demands playing. Who’s fooling who, may we ask? After the 24/7 economy, after the merging of private and social time and space, after work has become pervasive and ubiquitous, the next level is to masquerade work as play. It’s called the gamification of the workspace and it’s labeled as Playbor.

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