December 2015
Shelter is most immediately associated today with conditions of disaster, displacement and destitution. There is an inherent urgency to the word; it is first and foremost a necessity, a human right even. Yet thought of as the absolute minimum necessary to survive, shelter is an architectural stigma. Shelter is not a thing though; shelter is a verb; if there is such a thing as shelter, it is because whatever it is, shelters. Volume #46: Shelter is dedicated to the question of how shelter can be reformulated as an architectural project.

Editor in Chief: Arjen Oosterman
Designed by Irma Boom and Julia Neller
120 Pages
Soft-cover Binding
ISBN 9789077966464


Arjen Oosterman and Nick Axel
Abla el Bahrawy
The making of a universal human right
Léopold Lambert
Shelter’s Political Violence
Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco
You can tell who they are
Aristide Antonas
The New Sleep
A Room of One’s Own
Jack Self
Empire Hotel
Dick van Gameren interview
Dwelling on Dwelling
James Taylor-Foster, Jon Lopez and Hikaru Nissanke

A Piece of England to Call One’s Own
Vinay Gupta interviewed by Ben Vickers
Practices of Decentralization
Martti Kalliala
Winter Garden City (Redux)
Space Caviar
Rituals of Privacy
Vere van Gool
Parallel Clouds
Ryan John King / FOAM
The Language of Crypto-Architecture

Sean Monahan & åyr
Bad European
Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation
Sheltering the Rolling Society
Alexey Buldakov / Urban Fauna Lab
The Human Ratio
Lydia Kallipoliti
Endangered pieces of nature and the architecture of closed worlds
Nerea Calvillo
How to live in toxic environments
Sean Lally
Let’s Touch
Benjamin H. Bratton
The Matter of/with Skin