Life is rough in the concrete jungle; only the strongest survive. Yet when it comes to things like plants or animals, qualities of agility and dexterity trump physical size or brute force. Indeed, we like to think that the city is ours - that it belongs to us humans - but pests thrive in the city much better than us. The city can be alienating and make us feel like we are completely detached from nature, when in fact 'nature', the non-human, is all around us. Urban Fauna Lab reports on communities from throughout the globe who look for love in all the obvious places - so obvious we might not think to look.

Shelter is a Verb
Arjen Oosterman
Nick Axel
Volume 46: Shelter

It’s still one of the world’s major concerns: shelter. Last year saw a sad record in the number of people seeking shelter: fleeing violence or hopeless poverty, looking for safety, stability and perspective. This year won’t be any better. And despite its complexities, public and political discussion reduced it to the all too simple question who will be sheltered, where, and who will provide for this.