The Good Cause at DAC Copenhagen — Until 9 June
Jeroen Beekmans

This Friday The Good Cause will close at Studio-X Istanbul. On the same day the exhibition will be opened on the other side of Europe, at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen.

Cedric Price: The Dynamics of Time
Jeroen Beekmans
Volume #42: Art & Science of Real Estate

Bureau Europa presents the third iteration of an exhibition of the work of architect Cedric Price and the first public appearance of some of his selected projects in the Netherlands. As a satellite component tot he exhibition, a special Cedric Price insert magazine is created in collaboration with Volume. Volume readers will find the insert in the back of Volume #42.

Right before New Year we launched Volume's 42nd issue, 'Art and Science of Real Estate'. In the coming weeks we're going to publish a selection of articles, and for those who are interested how the issue looks and feels we have uploaded a preview.

Conflict Dashboard Maps Conflicts around the World
Jeroen Beekmans

The GDELT Project, "a real-time network diagram and database of global human society for open research", has created an intriguing map that provides insight in protests and conflict situations around the world.

‘Every Issue Is an Attempt to Understand a Little More of the World We Live in’
Jeroen Beekmans

VI·BOK is a studio dedicated to thinking and critical action on living spaces. Last month they published an interview with Volume editor-in-chief Arjen Oosterman and former Volume managing editor Brendan Cormier about their main editorial coordinates and the process of editing.

Missions & Missionaries
Jeroen Beekmans

Make sure you don't miss Malkit Shoshan's seminar on 27 November about the impact of peace-keeping missions. To get a preview on her ideas on the matters at stake, read her article in Volume #40: Architecture of Peace Reloaded.