Reactivate! Innovators of Dutch Architecture
Jeroen Beekmans

‘Post-starchitecture’ is one of the terms used to describe the main theme of the recently released book Reactivate! Innovators of Dutch Architecture. Written by A10 editor-in-chief Indira van ‘t Klooster and published by Trancity/Valiz, it portrays a new generation of architects, designers and planners in the Netherlands who have left behind the urban master plans and iconic concepts, and taken a more small-scale, DIY and community-focused perspective on city-making.

Volume #36 Preview
Jeroen Beekmans
Volume #36: Ways to Be Critical

Last week we released Volume's 36th issue, 'Ways To Be Critical', and we're proud of it! Be sure to get your hands on a copy — order the issue online (hit 'Order back issue'), or click here to find a list of bookstores around the globe that sell Volume. For all those people who can't wait to check it out, we've compiled a preview of Volume #36.

On Thursday July 11, the Vitra Design Museum organizes a public event where Archizines curator Elias Redstone and Archis director and Volume publisher Lilet Breddels will discuss the new culture of young and experimental architectural magazines.

Architecture Inside Out
Jeroen Beekmans

Newcastle-based graphic artist and photographer Andy Welsh has made a series of digitally manipulated photos that give new meaning to world-famous pieces of architecture.

Playboy Architecture at The New Institute
Jeroen Beekmans

On Wednesday 3 July, The New Institute in Rotterdam will host a lecture by acclaimed architectural historian and theorist Beatriz Colomina (Princeton University) on the background to Playboy Architecture, 1953-1979, that was also discussed in Volume's 33th issue on interiors.

Failed Architecture #10: Beyond Failure
Jeroen Beekmans

During the season finale of Failed Architecture at De Verdieping in Amsterdam on Thursday 13 June a wide range of perspectives on the possible successes of failure, the resilience of architecture and the architect’s responsibility in a ravaged world will be discussed. Moreover, the role of architecture magazines will be explored. How does presenting and scrutinizing architecture influence how we think about cities?

Radical Locality: The Role of Architecture in a Globalizing World
Jeroen Beekmans

On Saturday 8 June at 5 PM the threefold exhibition 'Radical Locality; Actual Potential' will open at Bureau Europa in Maastricht's Timmerfabriek. With 'Radical Locality' Bureau Europa conducts from 8 June through 5 August research into the meaning of the local and the role of architecture in our globalizing world.