Close, Closer: Lisbon’s Architecture Triennale Is Open!

Close, Closer: Lisbon’s Architecture Triennale Is Open!

Last week the third Lisbon Architecture Triennale was opened. Curated by Beatrice Galilee
, the Triennale’s central theme this year is ‘Close, Closer’, an investigation into the expanding field of contemporary architectural practice.

Close, Closer

The premise of the third Lisbon Architecture Triennale is not to give answers, but to position questions that through their sphere and context contain both a statement of intent and a call to action. Over the course of three months, the Triennale considers the condition in which architecture is practiced and the way it is framed, expressed and understood. Four central programs, Future Perfect, The Real and Other Fictions, The Institute Effect and New Publics, as well as a multitude of Associated Projects, present architecture not just as an object and idea to be mediated, but as the act of mediation itself.

Future Perfect

Different curators were appointed for the four central programs, such as Liam Young of London-based think tank Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today, who took care of Future Perfect. Future Perfect investigates a fictional, future city that was developed by a think tank of scientists, technologists, designers, artists and science fiction authors. The exhibition is a stage set for a collection of fictions, emerging infrastructures and design experiments that can be inhabited as large-scale districts of the future city.

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale will be opened until December 15th. Click here to see the entire program!

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