Archis RSVP

Archis RSVP Events are tactical interventions done all over the world. RSVP events address public space by means of pro-active critical experimentation and improvisation.

Archis Interventions organizes international events that initiate interdisciplinary debate on spatial and cultural issues and intervenes in deadlocked situations.

Archis Interventions, the not for profit branch of Archis, has set itself on a course to provide cities in need with clues and concepts to revive the public domain, to re-energize its urban spirit and to revitalize its trust in dialogue as the essence of civic life.

The activities of Archis Interventions spring from the Archis RSVP Events, a series of international events of which the format is predominantly determined by the participants. Local partners always play a crucial role in developing the event. The kinds of activities and or projects that emanate from the events depend on the local circumstances, needs and initiatives. Archis Interventions plays an active facilitating role in these projects and initiatives.


In the coming years 5 main themes will fuel the discourse and actions of Archis Interventions. These are the mayor challenges facing cities in the future: Sustainability, Shelter, Security, Fairness and Dialogue.

What We Offer

1. New formats to stimulate productive dialogue.
2. Exchange of knowledge.
3. Exchange of best practices (through Archis network).
4. Participation in and access to international urban discourse.
5. Initiatives and advise on new practice and project development.

How We Work

The Start

For each city we plan an RSVP event with local partners. With them we formulate the main themes and questions to explore in a 3-5 days event which two main goals:
1. To make an inventory of real needs: that can range from the practical to the intellectual.
2. To rethink public space and city building in a way that opens up fresh ideas and helps to create an agenda on a larger scale.
From this we create an action list to be elaborated on in the follow-up.


A group of local initiators plus a small international group of professionals from the cultural, social and architectural sector. A diversity of backgrounds professionally and socially is a main objective.


Archis Interventions will advise and monitor the concrete and practical projects from the action list. A.I. helps to find partners and financing. Furthermore A.I. seeks to discern the pivotal issues from the local debate that are of interest to a regional and international discourse. These debates will be voiced in Volume magazine and lead to the formation of regional networks. Archis Interventions strives to establish several local branches with a regional and international scope.

Local Branches

The local branches of A.I. will adhere to the same goals as A.I. international. They will have a regional importance in the stimulation of debates, knowledge exchange, project development etc. The local branches will be managed by local initiators and advised by A.I. international. The overall policies and administration will be monitored by A.I. international as the supervisory board. A memorandum of agreement will layout the basic conditions for the collaboration. A.I. local branch can become the head quarter of a special language version of Volume, printed and distributed in the region. (Chinese, Arabic, Spanish etc.)