Reactivate! Innovators of Dutch Architecture
Jeroen Beekmans

‘Post-starchitecture’ is one of the terms used to describe the main theme of the recently released book Reactivate! Innovators of Dutch Architecture. Written by A10 editor-in-chief Indira van ‘t Klooster and published by Trancity/Valiz, it portrays a new generation of architects, designers and planners in the Netherlands who have left behind the urban master plans and iconic concepts, and taken a more small-scale, DIY and community-focused perspective on city-making.

Volume #36 Preview
Jeroen Beekmans
Volume #36: Ways to Be Critical

Last week we released Volume's 36th issue, 'Ways To Be Critical', and we're proud of it! Be sure to get your hands on a copy — order the issue online (hit 'Order back issue'), or click here to find a list of bookstores around the globe that sell Volume. For all those people who can't wait to check it out, we've compiled a preview of Volume #36.

Architecture Inside Out
Jeroen Beekmans

Newcastle-based graphic artist and photographer Andy Welsh has made a series of digitally manipulated photos that give new meaning to world-famous pieces of architecture.

Volume's 36th issue will shed a light on architecture criticism. While the architecture discipline is changing slightly, also the way the discipline should be criticized changes...

Failed Architecture #10: Beyond Failure
Jeroen Beekmans

During the season finale of Failed Architecture at De Verdieping in Amsterdam on Thursday 13 June a wide range of perspectives on the possible successes of failure, the resilience of architecture and the architect’s responsibility in a ravaged world will be discussed. Moreover, the role of architecture magazines will be explored. How does presenting and scrutinizing architecture influence how we think about cities?

Radical Locality: The Role of Architecture in a Globalizing World
Jeroen Beekmans

On Saturday 8 June at 5 PM the threefold exhibition 'Radical Locality; Actual Potential' will open at Bureau Europa in Maastricht's Timmerfabriek. With 'Radical Locality' Bureau Europa conducts from 8 June through 5 August research into the meaning of the local and the role of architecture in our globalizing world.

Transform: Altering the Future of Architecture
Jeroen Beekmans

If architecture was more inclusive would it also be in a stronger position? Parlour and the University of Melbourne organize 'Transform: Altering the Future of Architecture', a day-long event that brings together architectural researchers, practitioners (understood in the widest sense) and workplace experts to discuss strategies for change.