The Power of Architecture, Part II (Editorial)

Meanwhile people keep asking us questions…

A few examples of the questions we receive Why
has this magazine become unreadable, with either
too much or too little text? Why does this magazine
change so often? Why isn’t this magazine about
true architecture anymore? Why is this magazine
not updating me with the necessary information?
Why isn’t this magazine not available in my local
bookstore? Why is this magazine only in English?
Answer Because this magazine deals with power,
and power is changing architecture as we know it,
as well as its media and distribution channels.
Rarely asked questions Why do you always connect
architecture to larger social and cultural issues?
Why do you print subjective photography that goes
beyond the objective registration of facts? Why
are your texts always so suggestive and discursive?
Why do you carry on with this if the professionals
have started to hate you? Why do you believe in
humor as a means to understand the world? Why
do creatives from Iran or Mexico subscribe to your
magazine while you lose subscriptions in your home
markets? Why do you progressively use Internet to
pursue your research?
Answer Because we deal with power, and power
can only be addressed and challenged by transgressing
set scripts.
Very very rarely asked questions You have been
propagating to go beyond architecture for a full
year now: to do almost nothing; to start broadcasting
rather than building architecture; to socialize
and share; to address power directly. But are
we soon going to see some practical results of that
propaganda? Can architecture become a true cultural
force capable of breaking through the status
quo? Are architects responsible for the enslavement
of their discipline? Should an architect be asked to
play any other role in society than that of designer?
Is this magazine an advocate of this belief? Will
your magazine ever be viable if you attempt to
change your subject matter all the time? Is this
magazine sold at undescript newsstands at train
stations in the German hinterland? Can we get a
group discount? Can I put this magazine in my
final testament?
Answer Certainly!

The Power to Annihilate State and Architecture in France