Volume #25: Getting There Being There

October 2010
While the Earth needs our utmost attention more than ever, we cannot ignore the fact that the Moon is re-entering the popular imagination. Space travel is on the verge of becoming a tourist option, and a whole industry is working towards lunar settlement as intermediate step to probe deep space. So we ask: where is architecture in this extreme adventure? What are the implications for the design practice of 'going there', for the idea of what is indeed human, or for what is essential to sustain life? And on the nearside, how does this affect our daily lives right here?

Volume #25: Getting There Being There delves into the influence of the space race on American architecture; Russian attempts to include architectural design within their Mir station project; current experiments on design requirements for outer space long-stay missions; new players (countries and companies); the notion of science and the reality of design; and the new human space produces.

This issue includes a special insert of products for the Moon by artist Alicia Framis.