The World in Reviews

December 2021
Through 49 contributions from more than 20 countries scattered across 5 continents, a mix of celebrated authors and students share inspiring reflections and concerns on buildings, exhibitions, movies and more.

In this issue, we look for connection through different nations, cultures and backgrounds, searching for exciting new experiences and practices to love and hate as we slowly wake up in this post-pandemic times.

From architects turning to baking, to the face of Jesus in China, and everything in between, we travel the world through curiosities and general or personal interests, showing how space and architecture trigger contradiction and contest, and how feelings are never really straightforward.

Our most global and diverse issue yet, VOLUME 60 is a collaboration between VOLUME and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, TU Delft’s The Berlage, and the University of Nairobi architecture department.

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VOLUME #60: The World in Reviews
Editor in Chief: Stephan Petermann
Designed by Irma Boom Office (Irma Boom, Anna Moschioni, Frederik Pesch)
72 pages, 33 x 24 cm
Soft cover, stapled

ISSN 1574-9401
ISBN 9789077966709


ZHANG YIYANG (CN) gets energy from EV battery swapping in China
YOUNGYOON LEE (KR) reports from Beijing's 798 District
YINGCHUN SONG (CN) dreams with La Fièvre by Julien Doré
YI-NI LIN (TW/CN) reviews Taiwan's social housing heritage
YESAH HWANGBO (KR) looks at Seoul's largest new apartment complex
XIAOYU DING (CN) visits Chinese Wechat art museums
WANJIRU MATHENGE (KE) appreciates Kenya's new train stations
WANG YI (CN) tries to find the Eastern limits to space
TAKUMA JOHNSON (US) models in Enscape
STEPHAN PETERMANN (NL/DE) appreciates van Doesburg's rage
SHI YANG (CN) and SHAOJUN LI (CN) go back to Kengo Kuma's 2015 tearoom club house in Beijing
SEBASTIAN HITCHCOCK (ZA) has his first ride in Amsterdam's latest subway line
SANDRA GARCIA BORNHOLT (ES) takes a siesta in a nap bar
RONGTING XIAO (CN) looks at the face of Jesus in China
RAYMOND TANG (US) issues a Short Epistemologically-Oriented Deliberation in View of the Dogmatic Problem of Historical Memory
QIU XIANG (CN) shares his favorite scenes in the Chinese blockbuster My Country, my homeland
PRERADON PIMPAKAN (TH) is appalled by Thai corruption
POOJA BHAVE (IN) spots architects becoming bakers
PAOLA TOVAR (MX) discusses The Architectural Guide to the Moon
OLE BOUMAN (NL/CN) is in Beirut
NIGEL ALARCON FLORES (MX) eats Guacamole at the stadium
MARTINO GRECO (IT) reviews the 1974 Nomadic Furniture 2
MARIEKE VAN DEN HEUVEL (NL) shows what it takes to become a circular interior designer
MARIANO CUOFANO (IT) attemps to understand De Rotterdam
MARGARET NG'ANG'A (KE) takes (on) the bus in Kenya
MARC PAULIN (DE) went to Das Schloss in Berlin
LUIS ROJO (ES) rereads Edward Said's Orientalism in the light of the 2021 Venice Biennale
LIU QING (CN) maps her life in a Chinese Urban village
DR LINDA NKATHA (KE) reviews the pre-colonial Nairobi Market in post-colonial times
LI JUNTAO (CN) is moved by Kowloon's demolished walled city
KULAPORN TEMUDOM (TH) looks behind the scenes of the Thai pavilion at Expo 2020
JUSTIN DORO (US) relaxes on a Japanese rooftop
JON PENVOSE (US) goes Phygital
JESSE VERDOES (NL) loved hating Rotterdam's newest Flower Pot
JAMES WESTCOTT (UK) enjoys the reconciliatory power of Clarkson's Farm
IRMA BOOM OFFICE (NL, IT, DE) discusses the letter E
INES GARCIA-LEZANA (ES) addresses indecental exposure by stairs
GEORGE BLAUSTEIN (US) is frazzled by Countryside, The Future
FABIOLA CRUZ (PE) discovers Feng Shui design
DANNY WICAKSONO (ID) plans the new in the Indonesian Archipelago
DANAI TSIGKANOU (GR) celebrates Greek mountain architecture
CRISTHY MATTOS (BR) misses her washing sink
CHRISTINA MAMMI (GR) questions Greece's first sustainable high rise by Foster & Partners
AUDREY ONAMU (KE) talks about African cinema and Senegal's Mandabi
ARJEN OOSTERMAN (NL) comes to terms with postmodernism in conversation with OLE BOUMAN (NL/CN)
ANNIE SCHNEIDER (US/CA) fashionably explores the Sewstagram world
ALONSO DIAZ (MX) shows a gigantic paper-mache Aztec temple in Mexico City
ALEJANDRA HUESCA CAMPILLO (MX) bikes Latin America's longest new bike lane
ADI SAMET (IL) talks Egyptian trash