January 2024
Tag along on our discovery tour: 22 contributions are taking you on an trip across 17 countries! Come and explore compact and impactful snapshots from our global tapestry, showcasing original, engaging, and quirky unfoldings in architecture and design.

This issues itinerary covers a whole lot of Europe, before heading East, with multiple stopovers in China, Japan, and Indonesia. A short detour across Australia is then taking you to Mexico and The US, allowing you to take in and admire our small cave of wonders:

22 contributions by at least 18 nationalities, covering curious, fun, or engaging developments in design and architecture in 17 countries. Small but significant snippets from the enormity of our globe, our cultures, and the current moment. Fragments that reflect a world struggling, but as much an exercise on what we collectively share. It’s about losing: from the Roman column in the Chinese countryside to pop culture in Japan, the scruffy Chinese 90s, and a magnificent Swiss Ice-Beauty. Tales about cultural transformation: an Indonesian post-colonial mind-fuck in Jakarta, reflecting the ugliness of Australia due to mindless imperialism, while appreciating the complexity of documenting Indian urban and cultural development, or describing the pervasiveness of the globalized leisure-driven smooth city. Of parables: of a tale of two Mexican airports, being naked in Denmark, and developing the next generation of cars in the US. There’s criticism on the Right with a Czech house built for a right-wing politician, and criticism on the Left with an inability to effectively express itself in Venice, and a glimpse at the other building biennale we have been collectively ignoring in Munich. Most importantly, perhaps, we party together from the Adriatic coast to the Chinese Berghain in Beijing.

VOLUME 64’s World Tour 2023 is a project by Archis and the the Nieuwe Instituut, in collaboration with the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and TU Delft’s The Berlage.



Francesco Degl’Innocenti
Taking Siza to the Pawn Shop
Anna Rosina Simmen
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Arjen Oosterman
Smooth, Smoother, Smoothest
Anneke Abhelakh
The Door of the Rhone Glacier
Matīss Groskaufmanis
Elements Without Architecture: A dive into architecture’s backend at BAU 2023
Stephan Petermann
Lab Report
Aske Hartje Jakobsen
Bathing Together Alone
Christian Kerez in conversation with Stephan Trueby
“I did not enter the political world of Tomio Okamura with this building. It’s the other way around; he entered my architectural world.”
Manuel Orazi and Marco Vanucco
The Microcosm of the Adriatic Sea
Nishi Shah
20 Years of 'Departures’ with Shaunn Fynn
唐黄哲缃 Tang Huangzhexiang
A Magical Mansion in Chongqing
Danny Wicaksono
On the Neo-Eurocentric Development in Indonesia
柳逸轩 Liu Yixuan
Super Wenheyou: Spectacles of Nostalgia
李嘉玥 Li Jiayue
A Night at the Chinese Berghain
Stephan Petermann
Beautiful Broken Cups Reconstituted
吴􈶇琳 Wu Ailin
Will the Roman Column disappear in the Chinese countryside?
Owen Hatherley
1980 In Parallax: Japan At Number One, Ryuichi Sakamoto’s ‘Riot In Lagos’
Taylor Springthorpe
Is Australia becoming less ugly?
Kelly Olinger
The All-American Fire Truck: Undercover Urban Planner
Ana Nuno de Buen
Two Mexican Airports
Barend Koolhaas
The Cybertruck Is A Symbol Of Our Time But Can’t We Imagine Something Better?