Out Now: Volume #27

Out Now: Volume #27

Out Now: Volume #27 Aging

The Western world is heading towards a life expectancy of 100 years or more, and other parts of the world are soon to follow. Visions of a continent full of geriatric hospitals and nursing homes come to mind. Currently the West is in a phase of ‘age acceptance’. The better half of the older population has to be reintegrated into society, and be reconnected with production to allow for the (continued) care of the other half. In fashion, social contracts and physical performance, the strict distinction between age groups is disappearing – blending ‘new’ and ‘old’. But another perspective looms on the horizon: doing away with aging altogether. Medical and material research is heading in the direction of solving deterioration. Perhaps it’s just another take on the sustainability revolution. Next to accepting and dealing with aging, fighting it introduces a new set of challenges.

Table of Contents

Arjen Oosterman
The Longevity Revolution and Other Tales of Aging
Deane Simpson
An Age-old Problem
Timothy Moore
Martti Kalliala
Mediating the Brief
Erhard An-He Kinzelbach

Nursing Home Hainburg

Architecture: Christian Kronaus
Erhard An-He Kinzelbach 
A Manifesto for New Aging
Matthias Hollwich
An Architect in the Gray Zone
Matthias Hollwich interview
The Coming of Age
AA Bronson interview
Aging in Place: New York’s Captive Population
Counting Stoops
Michael Gusmano interview
In the Long Run: Design Thinking in Finland
Bryan Boyer

Outside Our Comfort Zone
Indy Johar
Cities as Software
Marcus Westbury
Design Age
Jeremy Myerson interview
Merging Old and New
Paul Meurs interview
Sander van Wettum
One Billion AD
Geoff Manaugh

Bio-technical Arrangements of the Aged Body
Deane Simpson
The Persistence of the Iranian Bazaar
Azadeh Mashayekhi and Negar Sanaan Bensi
The Villages of Florida
Deane Simpson
Deane Simpson
Reconstruction: Dream or Trauma
Joos van den Dool
Construction Materials Lifespan in Years

Stealth Care
Arons & Gelauff interview
Care Cluster and Senior Housing
Architecture: Arons & Gelauff
Santa Rita Geriatric Center
Architecture: Manuel Ocaña
Housing for Elderly People Alcácer do Sal
Architecture: Aires Mateus
Turn-key Home/Two in One, Puttershoek
Katarina Seda
It’s Too Late!

Plus insert: Trust Design Part One: Trust, Design and Aging


Volume #27: Aging
184 pages, including an insert on Trust, Design and Aging edited by Scott Burnham
Binding: Soft cover
ISBN: 9 789 077 966 273
Price: € 19.50
Release: April 14, 2011
Editor in chief: Arjen Oosterman
Contributing editors: Ole Bouman, Rem Koolhaas, Mark Wigley
Design: Irma Boom and Sonja Haller
Publisher: Stichting Archis

Volume #48This is Volume #27, ‘Aging’.
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