Out Now: Volume #14

Out Now: Volume #14 Unsolicited Architecture

In order to actively grapple with the challenges of our age, architects have to transform themselves from extremely competent executors of assignments into entrepreneurs and producers. This issue of Volume discusses essential tools to reclaim professional autonomy.

In the first part, Volume sits ‘Around the table’ with forward-thinking practitioners who see a different role and responsibility for architects. The central part presents the portfolio of the Office for Unsolicited Architecture founded by Ole Bouman and students of MIT. The third part marks the unsolicited world according to young architects and artists from around the globe.


Editorial A Profession Apart
Arjen Oosterman

Around the table, Volume speaks with:
Architect Matthijs Bouw
Building Manager Dik Smits
Building Expert Hugo Priemus
Cultural Economist Arjo Klamer
Landscape Architects Kristian Koreman and Elma van Boxel

Design New Futures
Michael Shamiyeh

Unsolicited, or: The New Autonomy of Architecture
Ole Bouman

Office for Unsolicited Architecture – Portfolio
Andrea Brennen, John Snavely, Ryan Murphy, and others.
Special contributions:
Offshore Urbanism
L.E.F.T. Architects
THCM team

The unsolicited world according to…

Subversive Border Suture
Bryan Finoki
Rebellious Cartography
Christian Ernsten and Andrea Giacomelli / Prototype: F.A.S.T.
Nomadic Mosque
Azra Aškamija
Public Cube
Katrin Korfmann
Logo Parc
Daniel van der Velden
Sašo Sedlaček
Nation Building Aesthetics
Ersela Kripa and Stephen Müller
Hand Up
Elizabeth Demaray
On the Roof
Arjen Oosterman
Space Rebels

Insert: Noise Magazine #2 – Studio Beirut
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Volume#14: Unsolicited Architecture
168 pages
Binding: Soft-Cover
ISBN 978 90 77966 14 3
Price: € 19,50
Release: December 2007
Editor-in-chief: Arjen Oosterman
Contributing editors: Ole Bouman, Rem Koolhaas, Mark Wigley
Feature editor: Jeffrey Inaba
Editorial Consultants: Carlos Betancourth, Thomas Daniell, Markus Miessen, Kai Vöckler
Design: Irma Boom and Sonja Haller
Publisher: Stichting Archis

This is Volume #14, ‘Unsolicited Architecture’.

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