Generic escape route (toolkit)

Feel for a doorknob.

When you find it turn it to the left and step through the door.
Take the narrow staircase going down immediately on the left.
When you reach the bottom of the stairs, walk in a straight line running your hand along the brick wall on your left as you walk.
When you feel the wall end, stop.
Go through the opening on your left into a long hallway.
Walk four metres down this hallway and stop again.
Stretch your right arm above your head and move it down slowly from ceiling to wall until you feel a light switch.
Turn it on and immediately off again.
Still standing on the same spot, move one step to your left.
Walk straight ahead for ten paces.
Crouch down and crawl through a small opening to a tunnel.
Crawl slowly forwards until you reach the end of the tunnel and then carefully crawl one metre backwards.
Crawl through the opening on your right until you are in the next space.
Stop. You can stand up here.
Directly in front of you is a door. Open it and walk in a straight line across the room to a door at the other end.
Do not open this door. Turn left and walk to a wide opening to another hallway.
Continue down this hallway until you reach a flight of stairs going up. Do not go up these stairs.
Under the stairs to your right there is a door to a small room no bigger than a walk-in cupboard. Crouch down into the cupboard, close the door and wait three minutes.
Now push against the back wall of the cupboard and slip through the opening into a larger, low-ceilinged space.
Turn left, still crouching, and feel for the door in the middle of the wall.
Open it and walk in a straight line. After about 14 metres you will come to a long stairway on your left.
Climb the stairway to the landing on the next floor. Open the door on this landing and walk into and to the back of a kitchen.
Go through the doorway to the right of the stove into a long hallway. Walk down this hallway until you pass two separate doors on your left.
Stop at each door and check whether they are locked. Then continue straight on to the end of the hall and open the third and last door.
Once inside this new room, walk directly to the only other door, open it and step in the next room. Look left where you will see a window.
Go to the window and without looking outside turn right, walk straight ahead for two metres, turn right again and walk on again for three metres to the double doors. Open both the doors and enter the room beyond.
Continue walking in a straight line across the room.
Stop just in front of the back wall, turn right and go through a single doorway to the hall. Walk to the first door on your left and open it.
Once inside, turn to your right and walk straight towards the opening to the next room. Bear left and walk to the door in the middle of the far left-hand wall. Open it and close it behind you.
In the bathroom turn to your right and go directly out into the long hallway.
Do not go left down the hall; turn right and walk towards the first room you were in on this floor.
Once inside this first room, walk once again directly to the only door and open it.
In the next room do not go the window, walk straight to the double doors.
Open only one of the doors and continue across this next room. Stop in front of the back wall; turn right towards the single doorway to the hallway.
In the hallway stop walking and turn to your left.
On the other side of the hall there are doors. Go out through these large double doors.
In front of you, you will see a staircase. Walk up the staircase to the first door on your left and open it.
Walk up a second flight of stairs to the second floor.
At the second floor landing there is a door to the left and one to the right. Take the one on the right leading outside.
As soon as you step outside turn left. Walk about ten metres straight ahead and then turn right.
Walk to the end. At the corner, turn right again.
Walk past one building and then past a taller one with smaller windows. On the second corner there is a store.
Don’t go in. Stand in front of it and look to the right where you will see a two-storey building with two steps leading to the front door.
Walk up to the door and stand on the second step. Look left; you will see three bells, no names.
Ring the first but do not wait for anyone to open. Retrieve the keys from under the doormat.
Go back to the street and turn left. Walk about four metres straight ahead. Stop and look right.
There is a brown brick three-storey building, its entrance on the right. The door is unlocked.
Open it. As soon as you enter, turn left and walk straight down the hallway to the door under the stairs.


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