Who Rules the City? Connected Symposium: 6 November, Amsterdam

Who Rules the City? Connected Symposium: 6 November, Amsterdam

Who rules the city? The traditional set of players who determine planning and management of cities has gone through a major shift. The financial crises since 2008 were a major trigger, but also more social and cultural incentives can be indicated as forces in play. Private partners, city urbanists, city governors, housing corporations, developers, and citizens try to redefine their roles in new constellations. Who sets the new rules and what effective regulation helps to facilitate citizens to co-create their environment?

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Connected Symposium

These questions have a strong local component but sometimes an outsider’s view can be very insightful to shed light on a deadlock situation. The debate part of Connected therefore invites local city makers to debate with representatives from each of the other participating cities in Bergen, Bucharest and Stockholm.

Afternoon Program

13:30 — Cycling tour starting at the Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam-Noord, along De Ceuvel and Buiksloterham self-built area. At all locations experts will explain the main goals and backgrounds.
15:00 — Start program at New Energy Docks with an introduction by Arjen Oosterman (chief editor of Volume) followed by dispatches from Bucharest (Stefan Ghenciulescu), Stockholm (Jan Rydén) and Bergen (Hakon Iversen). Joep de Roo will share his views from a European perspective. With this input the audience will be invited to join the debate moderated by Jaap Modder.
18:00 — Dinner and drinks at New Energy Docks.

Evening Program

20:00 — Who Rules the City Part II: The social capital Bucharest-Amsterdam. In May 2014 a group of Dutch planners, urbanists and politicians went on a field trip to Bucharest to discover the creative energy in a city that in terms of management couldn’t be further apart from Amsterdam. What did they discover and how do Bucharesti see the development of creative Amsterdam? Organizers Joep de Roo and Meta van Drunen will shortly explain the goals and discoveries of the trip. Constantin Goagea and Stefan Ghenciulescu will highlight some interesting case studies from Bucharest. Jaap Modder will present what he learned from the city.

Free entrance! Register at rsvp@archis.org.

About the Exhibition

The ‘Connected’ exhibition is created by a group of architects, urban designers, artists and curators from four countries (Romania, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden) who overlapped their cultural contexts in search of new ways of city making. The local circumstances and differences create an interesting background for each of the projects to compare and project against. ‘Connected’ presents four projects that address different scales and situations, but that share the ambition to make intelligent use of available networks and infrastructure to mobilize potential and use the energy of inhabitants to co-organize their own surroundings.


Who Is Who?

— Arjen Oosterman is a Dutch critic, curator, architectural historian, and educator. He is editor-in-chief of Volume magazine and together with Lilet Breddels the curator of the ‘Connected’ project in Amsterdam (NL).
— Stefan Ghenciulescu is an architect and educator from Bucharest (RO). He is also editor-in-chief of Zeppelin magazine and co-founder of Zeppelin Association. He is co-curator of the ‘Connected’ project in Bucharest (RO).
— Jan Rydén is an artist from Stockholm (SE). As a member of the Fargfabriken team, he is currently a curator of the ongoing research project ‘Stockholm on the Move 2’ and in that capacity taking part in the ‘Connected’ project.
— Hakon Iversen is an urban designer, architect and strategic planner from Bergen (NO). He is also president and founder of NUDA, Nordic Urban Design Association. He is curating the Bergen (NO) part of ‘Connected’.
— Joep de Roo is director and founder of Eurodite, international consultancy com- pany that supports authorities, owners, users and companies in development of cities, areas and international cooperation. Eurodite has branch offices in Roma- nia and the Netherlands. He is co-organizer of the Bucharest part of ‘Connected’.
— Meta van Drunen is a Dutch architect and partner Eurodite, active in urban regen- eration, regional development and EU projects. She is also co-organizer of the Bucharest part of ‘Connected’.
— Constantin Goagea is an architect, researcher and journalist in the architectural field. He is also director of Zeppelin magazine. He is the curator of the Bucharest part of ‘Connected’ (together with Cosmina Goagea and Stefan Ghenciulescu).
— Jaap Modder is the owner of Brainville, editor-in-chief of S+RO, Chair Council on Tall Buildings and board member of Deltametropolis.
— Jacqueline Tellinga is the project leader of IkbouwmijnhuisinAlmere of the City of Almere. From 2006 she has been responsible for this highly progressive city planning program which adopts the principle that people build the city. She studied economics at the HEAO and Planning at the University of Amsterdam.


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