Photo report of The Not-So-Easy Systems Change Meet-Up

Photo report of The Not-So-Easy Systems Change Meet-Up

On Wednesday 13 March 2024, The Not-So-Easy Systems Change Meet-Up brought together over 80 experts and novices to untangle the practical steps needed towards circular design. We thank all guests, participants and supporters for joining us. And of course: a big shoutout to our guest editor Marieke van den Heuvel for bringing everyone together.

The programme

The meet-up aimed to facilitate an honest exchange to untangle the practical steps needed towards circular design. During the afternoon expert sessions, participants discussed the forces at play when it comes to circularity, such as material, political and financial systems. The evening programme started with a talk by Ruth Baumeister about cleaning and maintenance: the architect as a janitor. Floris Schiferli discussed the successes and challenges that Superuse encounters in their circular project approach. The launch of Jutplaats, with Marije Remigius, was a festive end to a fruitful day.

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Curious to learn more about the topic? VOLUME 63 is a useful guide to help readers and designers untangle the complex web of interlocking challenges that keep us from living up to our circular ambitions.

About the organisers

This event is co-organised by VOLUME, Archis, Nieuwe InstituutCircu-leren and Fiction Factory. Nieuwe Instituut is the Netherlands national museum for architecture, design and digital culture. The collaboration between Archis, publisher of Volume, and the Nieuwe Instituut, reflects a broader conviction that the complex issues facing society today can only be addressed through joint efforts. Fiction Factory is a construction studio founded in 1989 that creates sustainable exhibitions and interiors, as well as complicated one-off productions. Circu-leren was founded by Marije Remigius and has over twenty years of experience in interior construction, with a focus on collaboration throughout the design and construction chain to make interiors more sustainable.

Photo report by Yvonne Witte / Fiction Factory

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