Moscow Urban Forum 2013

Volume is proud to be a partner of the Moscow Urban Forum, that will take place from 5 until 7 December, 2013. Key theme of this year’s Forum is ‘Megacities: Success Beyond the Centre’, a theme that strongly relates to our 32nd issue, ‘Centers Adrift’.

Most European capital cities have been actively seeking to resolve this issue for the past 20 years. London tackled it in the eighties with its Greater London project; Paris is dealing with it today through its Greater Paris strategy. As for Rome, it has recently addressed the issue in the Greater Rome development projects, similar to the Big Moscow projects.

Moscow Urban Forum

The overwhelming majority of the Moscow population lives outside the city center. And the development of the suburbs of such megacities as Moscow has huge potential. The Moscow City Government needs to address the following key questions: How to create or increase the value of the suburbs? How to deal with transport issues? How to choose the most appropriate development strategy consistent with modern realities? And where to look for growth areas: in the so-called New Moscow, the old residential districts, the industrial zones or the satellite cities?

Click here for the official program of Moscow Urban Forum 2013.

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