How Do You Do Biodesign

How Do You Do Biodesign

How Do You Do Biodesign is an evening for architects, urban designers, product designers, fashion designers, artists and developers of digital technology and media, which will illuminate exactly what biodesign can mean for the field of work and research. How Do You Do Biodesign is co-produced by Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Willem de Kooning Academie.

How Do You Do is a format for exchanging and sharing ideas, expertise and experience. Don’t expect any fancy PowerPoint presentations. Instead, you’ll hear honest stories about the making of, with lots of information about what works and what doesn’t. The experts joining this biodesign event are artists, biologists, architects and designers who will discuss their understanding of subjects such as Biohacking, Design Fiction, Synthetic Biology, Living Material and Hybrid City Ecology. One of the experts will be Volume editor-in-chief Arjen Oosterman.

How Do You Do

More background information about How Do You Do Biodesign is available on the Biodesign exhibition page. An admission ticket entitles visitors to How Do You Do Biodesign to view the Biodesign exhibition on the cross-pollination of nature, science and creativity on 23 January 2014 from 19.00 to 23.00. Biodesign is on show until 26 January 2014 at Het Nieuwe Instituut. One of the topics at How Do You Do Biodesign is Design Fiction. What will the future look like when nobody writes anymore, or when people live on the planet Mars? Students of the Willem de Kooning Academy present future scenario’s that glimpse into these possible futures in the exhibition Design Fiction in Het Nieuwe Instituut from 23 January until 2 February.

Practical Information

Location: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam
Date: 23/01/2014
Time: 19:00-23:00
Language: English and Dutch
Admission: 7.50 euro, including visit to Biodesign exhibition / Students: 3 euro / Free entry for Friends of Het Nieuwe Instituut
Tickets: Eventbrite

Cover of Volume's 35th issue, 'Everything under Control'
Cover of Volume’s 35th issue, ‘Everything under Control’

If you’re interested in reading more about this theme, please check out Volume’s 35th issue, ‘Everything Under Control’.

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