Get Published in Volume

Get Published in Volume

What: Here’s your chance to have your photographs featured in Volume. For our upcoming issue we’re re-evaluating the role of criticism in architectural production. For a feature called ‘Likes and Dislikes: The New Critical Economy’ we’re reducing ourselves to a Facebook-style crowdsourcing of likes and dislikes among Volume readers; and we’re asking for your contribution.

How: It’s simple. Go out and take two pictures; one of a building that you like and one of a building that you dislike. Include a thumbs up sign in the shot that you like, and a middle finger in the shot that you dislike. Send us an email at: and tell us the name of the building and the city it’s in.


When: Be sure to submit your photographs ASAP. Space is limited so the earlier you submit, the more likely you’ll be included. All photographs will also be included later in a blog post.

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