Conflict Dashboard Maps Conflicts around the World

The GDELT Project, “a real-time network diagram and database of global human society for open research”, has created the Conflict Dashboard, an intriguing map that provides insight in protests and conflict situations around the world.

Provided through the support of the United States Institute of Peace, this platform offers an overview of global protests (pink) and conflict (red) across the entire world, as monitored by the GDELT Project, combining a rolling animated map of the past six months with a clickable map of major events monitored over the past 24 hours, updated each morning by 6 AM EST.

GDELT Project

The map bases its information on publications in the news media. ‘Protests’ refer to gatherings identified by the media as ‘protest’ or ‘demonstration’, while conflict events include military mobilizations, halting/reduction of aid or diplomatic relations, embargoes, boycotts and sanctions, coercion such as curfews and mass detaining, and physical attacks. In the near future the mapping project will likely be adding more categories, allowing for a more detailed and constructive presentation of information.

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