Archizines: The Magazine as an Art Form

Archizines: The Magazine as an Art Form

Archizines is a showcase of new fanzines, journals and magazines from around the world that provide an alternative discourse to the established architectural press. The exhibition is currently on show at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, near Basel. On Thursday July 11, the museum organizes a public event where Archizines curator Elias Redstone and Archis director and Volume publisher Lilet Breddels will discuss the new culture of young and experimental architectural magazines. The event kicks off at 6 PM. Admission is free and registration is not required.

Archizines at Vitra Design Museum

What does the landscape of small independent architecture magazines look like? For our upcoming issue about architecture criticism, Urte Rimsaite went through the Archizines website and analyzed the editorial statements of all the magazines listed on the site. The result is a neat visualization that gives insight in the new voluntary economy of architectural publishing. Click on the image for a large version.

'Little Editorials' by Urte Rimsaite for Volume #36.
‘Little Editorials’ by Urte Rimsaite for Volume #36.

Volume #36 will be released next week. Stay tuned for more news and updates…

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