Archis Speaks Volumes #2: The Art and Science of Real Estate

Archis Speaks Volumes #2: The Art and Science of Real Estate

Come along on Monday 16 March to the Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam for the second edition of Archis Speaks Volumes.

Will Dutch real estate development go American, or are the States ready to adopt the Dutch Touch? One thing is for sure: sky–high mortgage debts have played a major role in the financial crisis in both the US and the Netherlands. At Archis Speaks Volumes #2, two experts from New York and two experts from the Netherlands will give their vision on the future of real estate development in times of slight economic recovery. Will real estate return its pre-recessional state of affairs, or has the situation changed to such an extent that we can expect changes to its very foundations?

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Volume #42: Art & Science of Real Estate


Jesse Keenan, Research Director of Columbia University’s Center for Urban Real Estate (CURE), will be giving his agenda for the ethical development of real estate. (Read more about his vision in this interview in Volume #42.) Keenan’s colleague, architect James Sanders, will show how the growth of technology companies is changing the city of New York.

Jesse Keenan
Jesse Keenan

Friso de Zeeuw, Professor Urban Development at TU Delft, will give his vision on urban development and the role of real estate on a larger scale, approaching the topic from a Dutch perspective. Amsterdam-based architect-entrepreneur Mark Koehler will give some practical examples of a future in which the architect will get used to a new role in real estate development.


Archis Speaks Volumes is a series of events at Pakhuis de Zwijger that focus on themes that are covered in Volume issues. In this case, Volume #42: Art & Science of Real Estate will be the event’s starting point.

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