Archis Speaks Volumes #1: Architecture of Peace

Archis Speaks Volumes #1: Architecture of Peace

Archis speaks Volumes #1

We are proud to present the first in a new series of Volume-related events at Amsterdam’s major city debate center Pakhuis de Zwijger. In post-conflict zones, can architecture go beyond bricks and mortar to help materialize peace?

Post-conflict reconstruction is a complicated and often highly contested affair, mostly steered by the military and aid organizations. Where are the architects? Aren’t they supposed to be the builders? Architecture of Peace believes design disciplines can bring new insights and solutions to deadlocked situations. Or is it sometimes better to do nothing at all?


— Editorial by Arjen Oosterman (Archis/Volume)
— Essay by Jan Willem Petersen, our reconstruction specialist on the ground in Kabul. Petersen is a strategic spatial planner, architect, and researcher. He is the founder of Specialist Operations; an independent spatial strategy and design consultancy. His most recent project aims to enhance an understanding of the endeavors in Afghanistan, subject to the largest reconstruction mission in human history, what we nowadays call nation-building. His essay will highlight the unfolding development of Kabul after the Taliban era and the post-war reconstruction efforts in the country by western entities.
— Column by Merwe Bedir on ‘cities as camps’ in Turkey
— Panel discussion: “To Act or not to Act?” It’s one thing to care, another to act. It’s one thing to donate, another to contribute. It’s one thing to spend (time, money, energy), another to be effective. Doing ‘good’ is not enough. With among others: Lilet Breddels (Archis/Volume), Deborah Kolk (CER – Prince Claus Fund), Merwe Bedir (independent researcher)

This evening at Pakhuis de Zwijger accompanies the release of Volume #40: Architecture of Peace Reloaded.

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Monday 13 October 2014 — 20:00
Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam

Free entrance! Click here to RSVP on the Pakhuis de Zwijger website.

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