Archis RSVP Event: Invisible (But Very Tangible) Borders #2

Please join us for Archis RSVP Event #15: Invisible (But Very Tangible) Borders. UABB/Shenzhen, meeting place Minle Subway Station Long Hua Line, exit A at 14.00 hours.

Cities are filled with numerous – at first sight invisible – borders. Between rich and poor, between ethnic groups, between high and low, between dense and sprawl, in short between center and periphery. But who and what define these borders? Are they problematic? Do they tell underlying stories? Explore some borders of Shenzhen (Meilin and Dalang) with us and each other.

Archis RSVP #15

Archis RSVP Events are tactical interventions done all over the world. The form of each event is determined by the character of the place and people and the size of the response. Respond to the content and your response helps us determine the actual form of the event – anything from mass demonstration to free-running, from a cruise to a performance, or from a mega event to a flash mob.

Archis RSVP Event: Invisible (But Very Tangible) Borders