Archis is part of Ro3kvit, urban coalition for Ukraine.

Archis is part of Ro3kvit, urban coalition for Ukraine.

Last week Ro3kvit, urban coalition for Ukraine was launched by planting the first seeds for rebuilding the country by Oleg Drozdov and Fulco Treffers. Archis is part of this coalition of Ukrainian and international experts in urban planning, housing, heritage and related topics as economy, law, energy, circularity, sociology and policy making. Ro3kvit works as an open-source network in close collaboration with students and citizens who can join with ideas, expertise and organisation. 

It is a delicate topic, to think about reconstruction, while the war is still being fought. Not only buildings, infrastructures and cities have been demolished during the war, the geopolitical situation has permanently changed. The sources of energy are outdated in a political and technical way. This all means that careful preparation, debate, capacity building and planning are necessary to be ready to handle the enormous tasks ahead. 

The local communities prove to be more powerful than anybody could imagine and will form a crucial asset to Ro3kvits methods and activities. 

An online lecture program will be announced soon and we’ll give regular updates on the activities of the coalition on our Architecture of Peace project page and on our social media. First hand all information will be available here: