Adri Duivesteijn (1950-2023)

Yesterday we learned that Adri Duivesteijn, chair of the supervisory board of the Archis Foundation, passed away. We are extremely saddened by this news.

Adri was a crucial support for us and so many others in architecture; his energy and complete conviction to the importance of architecture and planning was unique and of immense importance. He was the advocate of the citizen, emphasizing and embracing the ownership over one’s own life and environment. We lose a critical and effective interface between politics and planning, which is so dearly needed in the current moment of the large spatial challenges we face as a society. We came to know Adri as a critical but unconditional supporter of Archis who never ceased to fight for a cause he believed in. This combined with his open mind, wit and warm personality will make him dearly missed.

Our thoughts are with Adri’s family and friends. We wish them strength and courage in these difficult times.