Pathways through the Jungle

June 2022
'Pathways through the Jungle' gathers Hans van Dijk's most significant articles leading the architecture debate in the Netherlands for decades, during the years he was writing on NRC, Wonen-TABK and Archis. Between 1977 and 1997, he carved ‘pathways through the jungle’ reviewing and reflecting on a wide range of architectural productions, from Colin Rowe's writing and OMA's 90s designs to William Curtis' history of architecture manual, linking the Dutch architecture local landscape with the most important voices on the global scene. As a way to review Hans' own work as a writer and editor, the last chapter of the book features Hans' last interview by Arjen Oosterman, published on Volume just a few months before his death.

This collection of articles from architecture critic Hans van Dijk (1948-2021) has been selected with care by friends of Hans van Dijk. The choices are extensively reasoned and discussed by the editors (Arjen Oosterman, Bart Lootsma and Christine de Baan) but without academic pretensions. The texts are selected mainly because of their current relevance and because of their sharpness and clarity.

These writings of Hans van Dijk from WonenTABK/ARCHIS, NRC Handelsblad, Forum, Jaarboek Architectuur, etc. give both a portrait from his work as journalist, critic and editor in chief of Archis as well as of an influential generation of architects and the then current debate on structuralism, urban renewal, (post)modernism and the legitimacy of architecture.  Understanding Hans van Dijk’s work can help to find new paths for criticism. By presenting notions and backgrounds the reader can come to his or her own conclusions.


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English 256 pages
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ISBN: 9789077966914