Civic-Design-Education, Supplement to Volume 59

October 2021
The cahier is a collaborative of the Digital Design master program of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Archis. Its goal is to better understand and operationalize how digital media technologies and social media platforms, big data, and serious games can empower citizens. In this cahier, some time is spent in understanding the role of the designer as a change agent who is able to bring awareness to certain topics, and who can challenge the status quo in search of more inclusive and fair solutions. Moreover, it addresses the urgency to vehemently explore new possibilities of reimagining the future and build the skills to transform ideals, values, and beliefs into visions and strategies that could bring us closer to an alternative future. This was all approached from an educational perspective. With contributions by Ben Schouten, Marcus Foth, Madeleine Maaskant, Oscar Tomico, Kees Dorst, and Eric Gordon. Download the PDF for free