Mokum: A Guide to Amsterdam

September 2011
Mokum is an alternative travel guide to Amsterdam that explores the boundaries of freedom in this European capital. How free is Amsterdam in 2011? How are the hard-won rights of women and gays, the freedom of speech and sexual liberties being influenced by the political climate in The Netherlands? Are these rights still visible and tangible in the urban realm?

The travel guide challenges its reader to explore and analyze the rights and freedom in Amsterdam. Roosje Klap’s graphic design is inspired by the esthetics of the Dutch free press in the 1960s and 1970s. Every chapter (Devotional City, Protest City, Cappuccino City, Monumental City) is based on a hand-made silk-screen poster from that time. Mokum includes maps, stories, poems, essays, illustrations and photos from more than 40 authors — from artists to geographers, from Amsterdammers to New Yorkers, from newbies to celebrities. Mokum will change your perspective on the city forever!

Mokum is an initiative of the Amsterdam 4/5 May Committee.

The Never Walk Alonely Planet series provides an insider’s perspective on the social and cultural reality of the city, with attention to daily life, political dimensions, and spatial consequences. The guides are appealing to both born and raised city dwellers and first-time visitors to a city.


Mokum: A Guide to Amsterdam
Archis, Amsterdam, 2011
Editor-in-Chief: Christian Ernsten
Graphic design: Studio Roosje Klap
208 p. ills color & bw, 16 x 23, pb, English
ISBN: 9789077966556