2067: The Legacy

September 2011
“Architecture should put itself in the middle of the public debate on space.” With this ambition Indesem, the biennial International Design Seminar, explored challenges and potential of architecture. Curated by Winy Maas, the workshops focused on major issues, confronted these with specific locations in Rotterdam and presented these as billboards all over the city.

“Think not what you would like to make, but what in fifty year’s time should be your legacy”, was the brief. 2067: The Legacy contains the lectures and inspirational input of Herman Hertzberger, 2012 Architects, Ronald Wall, Floris Alkemade, ZUS, Wouter Vanstiphout, Michiel Riedijk, Winy Maas, Dirk Sijmons, Salomon Kroonenberg, Juhani Pallasmaa and reports on the students’ struggle to formulate an agenda for architecture. With beautiful photography of Jeroen Musch, graphic design Maureen Mooren with Sandra Kassenaar.


336 pages
ISBN: 978 90 77966 518.