CYPRUS: Dip Karpaz/Rizokarpaso

CYPRUS: Dip Karpaz/Rizokarpaso

Archis Interventions began its work in Cyprus in 2010, when it founded a local NGO that is run essentially by Cypriot architects and urbanists. Cyprus has been a divided country since several decades. Various attempts have been made to overcome the division of the country yet they have only rarely proved successful to date. The division has a direct impact on the development of urban structures.

The project aims to undertake critical research into urban projects developed since the division of the country, which focussed on establishing collaborative participation between Cyprus’ two communities. The majority of these projects dealt with the spatial implications of the division. They had an urban perspective or were related in some way to the urban fabric (“buffer zone/green line”). Most of them failed or had only partial success. 2. To undertake research into the specific situation of a village in North Cyprus inhabited by members of both the Greek and Turkish communities and known accordingly as Dip Karpaz / Ριζοκάρπασο (Rizokarpaso). Through these projects and researches the aim is to develop urban and social strategies that will provide new perspectives for an urban vision reaching beyond the borders.

Author: SEE Archis Interventions
Location: Dip Karpaz/Rizokarpaso
Project Partners: Urban Research & Development Center (URDC) of Eastern Mediterranean University, Gazimagusa/ Famagusta
Realized: Research phase
Factors for success: Collaboration, Time
Website: Archis SEE NETWORK

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