Volume 50: Beyond Beyond

When Volume started as ‘magazine to go beyond architecture’ in 2005, the world was a different one. So, what is the situation today? In this issue, Volume focuses on current dilemmas (young) architects are confronted with, both in education and in setting up their office. It’s less about ‘going beyond’ as such, and more about impact and repercussions.

20 x 26.5cm
Includes 'Total Space', a 32-page insert produced in collaboration with the Jacob Bakema Study Centre and designed by Metahaven, on the notion of ‘total space’ as introduced by Jaap Bakema in the 1960s and what it means in the digital world of today, and 'Doing It the Belgian Way', a 32-page insert produced in collaboration with KU Leuven/Sint-Lucas School of Architecture and designed by Julia Neller, on educating tomorrow’s architect.
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