The Good Cause – Architecture of Peace at the Danish Architecture Center

The Good Cause – Architecture of Peace at the Danish Architecture Center

Which part does architecture and urban planning play in conflict-stricken areas? ‘The Good Cause’ is a traveling exhibition that focuses on a very specific form of architecture and urban planning that is not about starchitects and Opera Houses, but about how architecture can help creating trust, ownership and security in areas that has been stricken by war, conflict or other severe incidents.  

The exhibition ‘The Good Cause – Architecture for Peace’ showed a number of cases where architecture and urban planning has helped to stabilize such conflicts and support peace keeping operations. To put it on other words where architecture actively supported the transition from negative to positive peace. For example the case from Rwanda where a football stadion is built to create community after the civil war or a park in Afghanistan where people can find tranquility under the cherry trees in an otherwise turbulent country.  At the same time the exhibition looked on the general correlation between how people act and how the surroundings are shaped.

‘The Good Cause – Architecture for Peace’ was curated by Lilet Breddels, Arjen Oosterman and hosted by the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen between April and June 2015.

Conference and Workshop ‘War and Architecture’ at the Danish Architecture Centre