The Good Cause – City of Peace and Justice at Stroom The Hague

The Good Cause – City of Peace and Justice at Stroom The Hague

Missions of war and missions of peace: both can have a devastating effect on the spatial and social condition of the city. Architecture of Peace is a longterm research project by the international think tank Archis, addressing the military, political and cultural complexity of rebuilding operations. Can architecture actively contribute to a sustainable peace in this field of conflict? The exhibition The Good Cause shows inspiring and hopeful examples in post-war areas in order to distill a number of ‘key success factors’.

The Good Cause is part of the program See You in The Hague. As the International City of Peace and Justice the city of The Hague is an important player on the world stage. This not only affects the public image of The Hague all over the world, but also has a great impact on the city itself and on its inhabitants. The Good Cause shows the (in)visible imagery, structures, rules and mechanisms this identity brings and the impact it has on daily life in the city.

The Good Cause’ was curated by Lilet Breddels, Arjen Oosterman and is part of the program ‘See you in The Hague’ initiative of Storm Den Haag, where is was exhibited between March and June 2014.

Check the page of the opening of the exhibition or the Stroom’s website for more details. An RSVP event, including a guided tour, was also held during the exhibition in the The Hague, here the page of the event to know more about it.

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