Architecture of Peace is a long-term research and action project exploring how architects and urban planners can and should play an active role in the process of rebuilding and stabilizing post-conflict spaces. For the next step of the project, we are conducting a series of Dialogues inviting those working in the field of politics, aid, architecture, community work, and development cooperation to share their knowledge and experience and rethink the post-conflict community.

Four Architecture of Peace Dialogues in April & May 2019 intend to give new insights and tools to work with in the coming years. The format of the exchange will experiment with the fusion of the ‘Socratic Dialogue’ and ‘The Handbook for Democratic Dialogue’. Each Dialogue will revolve around a specific question and be hosted at a venue relevant to the topic:

  • Dialogue#1 (8 April, Ondertussen Amsterdam): What is needed today for the rebuilding and reconstruction of cities in post-conflict situations (i.e. Syria)? And how to avoid the mistakes we’ve seen in the past?
  • Dialogue #2 (29 April, Academy of Architecture Amsterdam): What education/learning tools should we implement to make Architecture of Peace part of the Agenda of today’s practitioners? 
  • Dialogue #3 (6 May, Prince Claus Fund Amsterdam): Can the lessons learned in postwar areas be useful to prevent potential conflict zones in our own European context? What is the effect of the built environment on the societies that inhabit it?
  • Dialogue #4 (Public event, venue tbc):  Mix to the Max or Community of Equals: Can and should we accommodate the segregation of citizens in groups, in communities of equals, or should architects and urbanists try to prevent this and provide an environment in which the exchange of cultures finds its way?

With the Architecture of Peace Dialogues we want to achieve three goals. First of all, we hope the Dialogues will lead to clear next steps for the project at large. Secondlywe aim to create a new tool for having a fruitful dialogue between people from different backgrounds with a different jargon (one of the obstacles to achieving or maintaining peace), and lastly we want to bring the AoP project to the attention of a larger audience.

We are offering a limited number of spaces available for Dialogues #2 & #3. If you are interested in attending please get in touch with Cristina Garriga ( with some information about your background and interests in the topic. For further information on the Architecture of Peace project please refer to the AoP brochure, available online and stay tuned on our website and social media.

Dialogue #4 is a public event – more information on the time and location will be available soon on our Facebook page!