Ro3kvit Lecture #1


Starts at 18:00 CET


Ro3kvit Lecture #1

On May 26 at 18:00 CET the newly formed Ro3kvit, urban coalition for Ukraine, will begin with the first online lecture of a coming series, creating a platform for discussion and venting doubts, ideas and opinions.

Their aim is to support and empower policymakers, architects and students in Ukraine. Ro3kvit would make their work visible – to clarify the themes they are working on and the way they want to do that.

This format combines short presentations from 2 members of the coalition and an open discussion. 
We begin the series with a meeting with Oleg Drozdov (UA) and Lilet Breddels (NL).

Oleg Drozdov – “Introducing Ro3kvit”

Oleg Drozdov (UA) is the lead architect of Drozdov & Partners and founder and tutor of Kharkiv School of Architecture (since 2017). He is a curator and member of international juries and advisory boards, like the Mies van der Rohe Foundation. Drozdov is co-founder and Chairman of the Ro3kvit coalition.

Lilet Breddels – “Rebuilding after Conflict, WHAT (not) to Do”

Lilet Breddels (NL) is a researcher, curator and editor. She is director of, an architectural think tank in Amsterdam and publisher of Volume Magazine. Breddels is leading the Architecture of Peace project on the potential of architecture in (post)conflict situations.

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