On Citizens, their Cities, and the Role of Design: Online meetup


Starts at 12:45
Online meetup

On Citizens, their Cities, and the Role of Design: Online meetup

A two-part online meetup in light of the current situation of online community building, self-management, and collective ownership. Can design play an active role in community-building in economically and culturally diverse neighborhoods in transformation? Can design prevent or reduce the risk of segregation when new groups (economically, culturally) enter a neighborhood? Can design play an active role in bonding? In this meetup, we’ll look at the affordances and promises of current (online) platforms and technologies.

We will start by questioning how media architecture can be used to create a fair(er) and inclusive city. We will follow with an exploration of the issue of inclusivity on the scale of a neighborhood, with the intention to improve the current situation by designing forms of media architecture and digital platforms.

The discussion will take several real cases as examples – including projects on which students of the Master Digital Design have been working (first half) and the experiences by Piet Vollaard and Saskia Beer (second half).

The event will be hosted by the Master Digital Design, and moderated by Professor Ben Schouten, Scientific Director of the Master Digital Design.


For the first part, please access via the following link:

The second part with speaker Saskia Beer and Piet Vollaard can be accessed via the following link:

Part 1: Student cases

12:45. Virtual Walk-In
13:00. Student presentations + feedback
14:15. Break

Part 2: Meet-up talks

14:30. Piet Vollaard (Si/dM)
15:00. Saskia Beer (TransformCity)
15:30. Panel Discussion
15:50. Virtual Closing

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