Volume #38 Launch Event at Post Office Rotterdam

Join us Friday January 31st as we launch Volume’s 38th issue – The Shape of Law – with a special event at Post Office in Rotterdam.

The issue will be introduced by Arjen Oosterman and Brendan Cormier, with special guest Beatrice Galilee, curator of the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale. Plus it’s a bar with music and lots of nice people, so let’s get together and commiserate about the law. Click here to join the event on Facebook.

Volume #38: The Shape of Law

Volume #38: The Shape of Law

‘It’s legal, but is it legitimate?’ and ‘It’s legitimate, but is it legal?’ These are questions rarely discussed in public concerning architecture and urban design. Yet architects have to deal with rules and regulations, and architecture is to a large extent defined by them. So the question is: how to deal with the law? Throughout the pages of this issue, we’ve explored different strategies for dealing with legal problems, whether that be through a direct fight or indirect action, through avoiding, subverting or changing the law. Because in the end law is too important to be left to lawyers.

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