Think Space Unconference

The annual theme Money and its questions posed by the Think Space 2013/2014 guest curators Ethel Baraona Pohl & Cesar Reyes Najera will undoubtedly trigger conversations at the upcoming Unconference event at Lauba, People and Art House in Zagreb, 11-13 June 2014.

What if our cities were able to evolve without money? How economic flows reflect in the configuration of cities? How it would look like a ‘right of the city’ initiative in a tax haven state? Can we design new territories that operate outside the traditional economic guidelines? Which is the role of the architect within this scenario (if there’s one)? Conceived as a series of highly interactive sessions for a hundred participants, the Money Unconference will enable thinkers, architects, participants, authors, winners, jurors and guest curators from Think Space’s Money cycle to meet in person.

Think Space Unconference

Along with its unique approach in which new forums for thought are created via new design objects, in this cycle the Think Space Programme is again leaning on historical discourse that normally takes the form of reflection through writing. As part of the 2013/2014 cycle of competitions, Think Space was calling for Money papers in the following fields of Territories, Culture & Society, and Environment. Through a vast amount of proposals submitted from researchers, scholars, and practitioners, pieces holding several intriguing topics were selected based on abstracts submitted and complete papers are currenty undergoing the final evaluation proceedure. Selected ones will be published on Unconference Proceedings and presented by their authors in person. Another asset to the Unconference Programme will be The Money Exhibition, presenting the awarded entries at Lauba, House for People and Art, continuing to be on display after the Unconference event.

The very culmination of the Think Space 2013/2014 Money Programme will happen in a form of public Award Ceremony during the Unconferene event. The awarded authors are invited to come from all around Europe and beyond. Think Space team will present them the awards and acknowledgedements for their exquisite achievements in experimental architecture in front of an international audience and local architectural community.

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