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Volume #22: The Guide
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In times of crisis, there is an increasing demand for strong leadership. A call for guides who can lead out of the misery. In this latest issue, VOLUME explores 'the guide' as both a figure and a product that can blaze a path to the future.

With The Guide, VOLUME presents a diverse collection of guides and attempts to guide. From strange maps, bike tours and magnetic navigation belts to the conception of Paris' 13th arrondissement as a series of islands; here, the guide is understood as not simply a service or selling point, but as an exploratory tool, a generator for a proactive engagement with the city.

With contributions by: Arjen Oosterman, Jan van Grunsven, Ole Bouman, Rory Hyde, Atelier Bow-Wow, Michael Kubo, Edwin Gardner, Filip Mischelwitsch, Jonathan Hanahan, Louisa Bufardeci, Sunny Bains, Anastassia Smirnova, Thomas Daniell, Kate Rhodes, Naomi Stead, Thomas Kilpper, Lucy Bullivant, Christian Ernsten, Charles Esche + The Detroit Unreal Estate Agency (Andrew Herscher a.o.)

Includes the Atlas of Love and Hate by the Detroit Unreal Estate Agency

Online Articles:
City Guide (editorial) - Arjen Oosterman
Publishing Practices - Michael Kubo
Guided by Unbuilt Ambition - Rory Hyde and Kate Rhodes
United Nations of Detroit - Andrew Herscher

VOLUME Magazine #22 was conceived and edited by Archis. Supported by the Mondriaan Foundation and the University of Michigan.

Included with your subscription or purchase of VOLUME #22

As a supplement to this issue of VOLUME, we also present the separate publication Beyroutes, a guidebook to Beirut, one of the grand capitals of the Middle East. Beyroutes presents an exploded view of a city which lives so many double lives and figures in so many truths, myths and historical falsifications. Visiting the city with this intimate book as your guide makes you feel disoriented, appreciative, judgmental and perhaps eventually reconciliatory. Beyroutes is the field manual for 21st century urban explorer.

With contributions by: Maureen Abi Ghanem, Romy Assouad, Hisham Awad, Cleo Campert, Joane Chaker, Tony Chakar, Zinab Chahine, Steve Eid, Christian Ernsten, Christiaan Fruneaux, Edwin Gardner, David Habchy, Mona Harb, Pascale Hares, Jasper Harlaar, Janneke Hulshof, Hanane Kai, Karen Klink, Niels Lestrade, Mona Merhi, Elias Moubarak, Tarek Moukaddem, Kamal Mouzawak, Joe Mounzer, Alex Nysten, Nienke Nauta, Ahmad Osman, Haig Papazian, Pieter Paul Pothoven, Rani al Rajji, Joost Janmaat, Jan Rothuizen, Ruben Schrameijer, Reem Saouma, Michael Stanton, George Zouein

Beyroutes was initiated by Studio Beirut in collaboration with Partizan Publik, Archis and the Pearl Foundation. Supported by the Prince Claus Fund, Fund Working on the Quality of Living and the Netherlands Embassy in Lebanon.

Beyroutes Launch Event: Beirut!
Join the Beyroutes team as they celebrate this publication in the city that inspired it.

Date: Saturday, 6th of February 2010, 5pm
Place: Papercup bookstore, Agopian building, Pharaoh street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon (map)

Al Manakh 2
Launching worldwide in April 2010

The Al Manakh editorial team is working through the night to bring you this 500+ page special edition of VOLUME. Dubai may be in the news for all the wrong reasons, but while the rest of the world is reeling from the financial crisis and hurriedly repairs the status quo, the Gulf is again proving its ambition and resolve by exploring new models of development.

Al Manakh is a special edition of VOLUME magazine by ARCHIS, OMA/AMO, Pink Tank and NAi. Endorsed by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council.

Stay up to date with @AlManakh on Twitter and almanakh.org the blog.

Architecture of Peace
Call for projects

Coming in May 2010, VOLUME will present an international conference on the 'Architecture of Peace'. As part of this project, we are currently assembling an inventory of inspiring projects for (post-)conflict territories.

Are you an architect, designer, urbanist or community leader? Have you developed a project that aids to channel social relationships in a more peaceful way? Then get in touch with VOLUME. Send a short description to info@archis.org with the subject 'AoP projects call', and we will endeavour to include it in our conference material, providing a unique overview of projects of this kind.

Architecture of Peace is an initiative of VOLUME, University of Amsterdam, Archis Interventions, Partizan Publik and the NAi, supported by (amongst others) the Royal Netherlands Academy of Science.


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