Case Study

Miravalle Communitarian Program of Neighborhood Improvement (Mexico)

Winner of the Deutsche Bank Urban Age Cuidad de Mexico, The Communitarian Program of the marginalized neighborhood of Miravalle aims to promote cultural, educative and health programs. It also uses recycling as a way to create employment for the unemployed youth.

The community building project included, but was not restricted to, a public library, the remodeling of two public spaces for cultural events, a communal cafeteria, and a public ecological reserve which created recycling employment, all sustained by and directed to the community.

This project also contributes to the legitimization of indigenous communities’ presence in the capital, improving their image and creating a shit from what is often seen as temporary labor migration into permanent residence. The project also promotes identification with the neighborhood and creates a sense of pride.


Author: Assemblea Communitaria Miravalle
Location: Miravalle, Mexico City
Project Partners: Deutsche Bank, Secretary of Social Development of the Districto Federal (Mexico City)
Realized: 2010
Factors for success:  Identification, Communality, Collaboration, Ownership, Time, Publicness, Legitimacy, Trust, Sustainability


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