Case Study

RWANDA: Kimisagara Football for Hope

’20 Centres for 2010′ was a campaign of the sporting body FIFA to harness the global event for social change during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The international attention drawn by the football championship was used to raise funds to create twenty Football for Hope Centres across Africa, which combined the programs of public health, education and football. Kimisagara was the first of the centres completed in conjunction with the Architecture for Humanity network in Rwanda; here, football is used as a tool for reconciliation, along with education and awareness. The road along the re-engineered water channel that is used for washing cloth and as commercial space connects the centre with the residential area. The low cost and low-tech building uses the water collected by the fast plain from the football pitch to flush the toilets and showers, and all of the electricity comes from solar panels. Each Football for Hope Centre is designed with local materials and attuned to local circumstances.