Architecture of Peace

Open Now: The Good Cause at Studio-X Istanbul

March 25, 2015 — by

The Good Cause at Studio-X Istanbul

War and conflict are of all ages. To confront this reality, peace missions, rebuilding operations and international law have been developed as tools to help create stability and peace after conflict. This is very impressive indeed, but the road to sustainable peace is arduous and troublesome. Furthermore, rebuilding and urban planning strategies can rekindle old conflicts. The exhibition The Good Cause not only gives insight into the complexities of dealing with post-conflict situations. Through inspiring case studies from Afghanistan, Kosovo, South Africa, Rwanda, Israel and Palestine, it also shows what reconstruction could look like if it were designed with an eye for local structures.

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Architecture of Peace

The Good Cause at Stroom The Hague

February 25, 2014 — by

The Good Cause

Missions of war and missions of peace: both can have a devastating effect on the spatial and social condition of the city. Architecture of Peace is a longterm research project by the international think tank Archis, addressing the military, political and cultural complexity of rebuilding operations. Can architecture actively contribute to a sustainable peace in this field of conflict? The exhibition The Good Cause shows inspiring and hopeful examples in post-war areas in order to distill a number of ‘key success factors’.

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RSVP Events

Archis RSVP Event #15: Invisible (But Very Tangible) Borders – Shenzhen

December 19, 2013 — by

UABB/Shenzhen, Glass Factory, 21 December, 14:00-18:00 Please join us for Archis RSVP Event #15: Invisible (But Very Tangible) Borders. UABB/Shenzhen, meeting place Minle Subway Station Long Hua Line, exit A at 14.00 hours. Cities are filled with numerous – at first sight invisible – borders. Between rich and poor, between ethnic groups, between high and […]

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